Research in Progress

Article: On the permeability of tag questions in the speech of Spanish-Portuguese bilinguals. Co-authored with Joseph Kern (Spanish and Portuguese, University of Arizona).

Data Analysis in progress. The role of assessment in language program development. Co-authored by Bruna Sommer and Adriana Picoral (SLAT, University of Arizona)

Data Analysis in progress: Differential Object Marking in bilingual Spanish. Co-authored with graduate students Mary-Caitleen Valentisson (Linguistic Anthropology, University of Arizona and Hecsil Coello (Universidad de la República de Uruguay)

Data Analysis in progress: Twenty-four hours of verbal interaction among Spanish-Portuguese bilinguals filmed in the home of two families in Rivera, Uruguay, are being currently transcribed and analyzed. The main focus of this study is to examine instances of stylistic variation and code-switching within the framework of interactional sociolinguistics. Together with Dr. Katie Christofferson O'Donnell (University of New Mexico), our ultimate goal is to compare this micro-level analysis with my previous studies on macro-level sociolinguistic variation in this speech community in order to explore how linguistic use simultaneously reflects and constructs social meaning.