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CESA: Corpus del Español en el Sur de Arizona. A sociolinguistic corpus gathered by students at the University of Arizona.

Portuguese for Spanish Speakers Activities for Spanish-speakers who want to learn more about Portuguese.

Variedades do Português / Portuguese Varieties around the World: An amazing resource for linguists interested in Portuguese varieties spoken as L1 and L2 in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Historia de las lenguas en Uruguay contains manuscripts and publications about the history of the languages in Uruguay, including articles on diachronic aspects of Uruguayan Portuguese. 

A Memoria da Língua is a 18-minute documentary about the recent past and the present of Galician Portuguese. The film intercalates 20 interviews with Galego speakers from different social backgrounds and regions in Galiza, affording a comprehensive view of the language today and the sociolinguistic issues sorrounding it. 

Português como Língua de Herança is a 16-minute documentary about the teaching of Portuguese as a heritage language in Great Britain. Beautiful work by Ana Souza and associates.…

Kim Potowski on the benefits of dual language education…

William Labov on Justice as a Linguistic Matter

Ricardo Otheguy and Ana Celia Zentella on the term "Spanglish"

Megan Amstrong on why everyone should care about language variation:


John Baugh on linguistic profiling


Laura Callahan on preconstructed vs. discursive negotiation of group and individual identities


William Labov on the changing dialects of American English


Shana Poplack on linguistic variation and the ideology of the standard language


Dennis Preston on perceptual dialectology


Talking Black in America. The Language and life project


Great interactive activities and resources for sociolinguistics classes


John McWhorter on Why learn another language?


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