Grant Activity

FUNDED PROJECTS (2014-present only)


2020       Bilingual Voices Provide Insight into Community Languages. National Endowment for the Humanities. $59,975

With Katherine Christoffersen (Project Director/PI) and Ryan Bessett (co-PI), this project enables us to improve transcription and preservation of the interviews in two sociolinguistic corpora: CESA (Arizona) and CoBiVa (Texas) in order to expand the research potential of data, including multiple linguistic analyses of Spanish-English bilingual varieties in both regions and subsequent comparisons between them. Detailed information available here…

 -     Documenting minority dialects in the community

2018      Title VI-sponsored research project: . $ 2,500 for data collection.

  • The Binational Development of a sociolinguistic agenda across the border: Documenting monolingual and bilingual varieties of Sonoran Spanish.

2018    Office of Global Studies. $1,000.

           This project supports activities related to the CONAHEC Short-term Faculty Exchange Program with colleagues at the Universidad de Sonora, Mexico.

  • Portuguese Language Program Evaluation: Implementation, Preliminary Results and Follow-Up Strategies

2017    Faculty Research Grant, CERCLL. $4,114. With Bruna Sommer.

This project supports the ongoing language program evaluation conducted in the Portuguese Language Program at the University of Arizona. If affords a research assistantship for survey data coding and analysis, which will generate new procedures to be implemented in the Portuguese program as well as an updated evaluation model to be duplicated by other LCTL’s programs.

  • The Interplay of standard language ideologies and students’ bilingual varieties in a dual immersion bilingual classroom

2016-17  Faculty Research Grant, College of Humanities. $2,500.

This grant funds field work in Rivera, Uruguay, which aims at documenting and analyzing how language ideologies manifest themselves in educational projects designed to teach the standard languages to children who speak minority dialects.

  • Brazilian Studies through Research, Instruction, and Outreach: A Model for Undergraduate Student Engagement

2016-18  US Department of Education, UISFL Grant. Assisted Marcela Vásquez (P.I.), Latin American Studies $182,000 plus UA matching funds (Total: $400,000).

This grant, housed in LAS and proposed by Marcela Vásquez, supported an innovative program of activities and learning opportunities for Portuguese learners at the University of Arizona. I was directly involved in proposing and carrying out two projects: the creation of Portuguese online courses and development of Student Learning Outcomes for the Portuguese language classes.

  • Intergenerational Telephone Calls: Linguistic and Communicative Parameters

2015 - Confluence Center. P.I. With Malcah Yaeger Dror, Co-PI, $15,000.

This project enabled the creation and annotation of a corpus of telephone conversations between students and their grandparents. These conversations are currently been analyzed in order to reveal sociolinguistic, communicative and discourse patterns in intergenerational interactions, both among monolingual and bilingual interlocutors.

  • Sociolinguistic Corpus of Spanish in Southern Arizona

2014 - CoH Initiative Grant. With Sara Beaudrie. $5,000.

       This project aimed at starting the documentation and dissemination of Spanish varieties spoken in Southern                    Arizona. It funded the collection and transcription of more than 50 sociolinguistic interviews with locals that served          as the basis of multiple analyses.