Invited Conference Presentations - Internal

 2019                Invited Speaker. "Debordering, rebordering, and the exclusion of minority dialects: The case of Portuguese in Uruguay". Charlas con Café. Latin American Studies Center. April 12, 2019.

2018                Invited Speaker. The Binational development of a sociolinguistic agenda. Arizona-Sonora Forum for Binational Collaboration El Foro Arizona-Sonora para colaboraciones binacionales. October 11, 2018.

2018                Invited Speaker. The Research Pipeline and the Peer Review Process. Spanish 501 class. March 14, 2018.

2017                Invited Speaker. SLAT Proseminar. “Language contact through variationist lenses”. September 8, 2017.

2015                Invited speaker. “Linguistic enquiries at the University of Arizona.”. Seminar Collaborative Looks at the Study of Spanish. UNAM-Tucson, Centro de Estudios Mexicanos. September 29, 2015.

2013                Invited speaker. “Sociolinguistic continuities along the border”. Department of Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics Coloquium. February 29, 2013.

2012            " Variationist approaches to multilingualism.” Critical Multilingualism. University of Arizona Faculty Roundtable. April 4, 2012.

2011             " The Portuguese Language Today". Brazilian Studies Group. February 17, 2011.

2008              “Integrating macro and micro approaches in variationist analysis:  The role of quotation                     marks in reflecting sociolinguistic stratification.”  Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Roundtable, March 8, 2008. Keynote speaker.

2006              “From who speak what to why they do so: The developing of a research agenda” Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Colloquium. April 30, 2006.

2005              “Foreign Language Shock” Presentation during the College of Humanities GAT Orientation. August 17, 2005.

2003               “Teaching direct method”. Talk in Professor Roseann Gonzales’s graduate class. April 22, 2003.

1999               “Social conditioners of language choice”. Brown Bag Lecture Series at the Latin American Area Center. University of Arizona. April 21, 1999.

1999               “Phonological Variables and Dialect Diffusion in Bilingual Talk”. Sound Minds Discussion Group. University of Arizona. April 2, 1999.