Research in Progress

Article: The main focus of this study is to examine instances of stylistic variation and code-switching within the framework of interactional sociolinguistics. Co-authored by Dr. Katie Christoffersen O'Donnell (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley).

Chapter: This chapter, currently under review, covers the main structural aspects of US Spanish varieties from a variationist perspective, and aims at serving as reference to educators in the field of Critical Heritage Language Pedagogy. With Dr. Ryan Bessett (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley).

Analysis: This study looks at dialectal acquisition among Brazilian migrants in Portugal through the lenses of the clitic placement variable. With Jessica Tiegs (University of Arizona).

Article: This study examines processes of debordering, rebordering, and the exclusion of minority dialects in the linguistic, sound, and school landscape in northern Uruguay.

Analysis: This study presents a detailed analysis of lexical borrowings among Spanish-English bilinguals in Arizona. With Isabella Calafate (University of Arizona).

Analysis: This study examines the use of quotatives among Spanish speakers from two generations during telephone conversations. With Dr. Julieta Fernández (University of Arizona).