Spanish in Contact with English

CESA (Corpus del Español en el Sur de Arizona)

This corpus aims at documenting and disseminating Spanish varieties spoken in Arizona. Graduate and undergraduate students, under my supervision, collect, transcribe and analyze interviews with  local Spanish speakers. This digital oral corpus provides material for multiple linguistic analyses of local bilingual Spanish and subsequent comparisons with other varieties.

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This project collects intergenerational communication among English monolinguals and compares those calls with a set of parallel calls between English-Spanish bilingual grandparents and their college age grandchildren, allowing for comparisons between age groups and across languages.

Sponsored by the Confluence Center at the University of Arizona, this project is developed by Ana Carvalho and Malcah Yaeger-Dror, and includes the recording, transcription,  force-alignment, and analysis of 6 intergenerational conversations in English and 11 in Spanish.