2014-2020   Advisor for students enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching at the University of Arizona.

Director of Ph.D. Dissertations

1. Andrea Herrera Dulcet (Spanish & Portuguese). Spanish with an Attitude: Critical Translingual Competence for Spanish Heritage Language Learners. (2014-2019). Co-chaired with Professor Lilian Gorman. Assistant Professor at Central Washington University.

2. Carmen Fernandez Florez (Spanish & Portuguese). Written SPE Variation among L2 Spanish, HL Spanish, and L1 Spanish speakers. (2014-2019). Assistant Professor at the Grand Valley State University.

3. Linda Lemus (SLAT, University of Arizona). Language and identity in the context of acquisition of cognate languages. Co-chaired with Professor Ana C. Iddlings (College of Education, University of Arizona). 2013-2018. Instructional Designer at the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship. Georgetown University.

4. Ryan Bessett (Spanish & Portuguese).  The Integration of Lone English Items into Bilingual Sonoran Spanish. 2015-2017. Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley.

5. Joseph Kern (Spanish & Portuguese). Discourse-pragmatic features in English and Spanish among bilinguals. 2015-2017. Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia's College at Wise.

6.  Katie O'Donnell Christoffersen (SLAT, University of Arizona). Development of Code-Switching Competence among Child L2 Learners: An Analysis of Grammatical, Functional and Identity-Related Patterns. 2012-2014. Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley.

7. Michael Child (SLAT, University of Arizona). Cross-linguistic Influence in the L3 Acquisition of Portuguese: Language learning perceptions and the transfer of mood distinctions by three groups of Spanish-English bilinguals. 2011-2014.  Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University.

8. Cintia da Silva Pacheco (Linguistics, Universidade Nacional de Brasília). Spanish-Portuguese code-switching in border bilingual communities. 2009-2015. Co-chair with Professor Marta Scherre (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil). Assistant Professor at the Universidade Nacional de Brasília.

9.  Kelly Lowther (SLAT, University of Arizona) Spanish Heritage Learner Variation and the Role of Language Ideology in the Heritage Learner Classroom. 2007 – 2010. Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

10. Elise Dubord (Spanish and Portuguese, University of Arizona) Constructing identity through discursive practices: An ethnographic analysis of intercultural encounters at a worker center in Southern Arizona.  2006 –2008. Associate Professor at University of Northern Iowa.

Workshops & Colloquia

2014                One-week graduate course: “Variación y Contacto Lingüístico”. Universidad de La República Oriental de Uruguay. MA Program. Montevideo. September 22-27, 2014.

2012                Conversations with the Profession: A Workshop on Professional Writing. Department of Spanish and Portuguese. April 6, 2012.

2011                SLAT Colloquium on Job Interviews. Dec 2, 2011.

2009                Workshop on the Teaching of Portuguese to Spanish-Speaking Learners (L1, L2 and Heritage): A Structured/Enhanced Approach” co-taught with Juliana Freire for CERCLL (Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy) during the Professional Development Opportunities for K-16 Educators Summer Workshops. University of Arizona, June 3, 2009.

2009                Workshop on ‘Languages in Contact’ taught at the Instituto de Lingüística held during the VI Congresso Internacional da Associação Brasileira de Lingüística in João Pessoa, Brazil, March 9-12, 2009.

2006                Workshop on the teaching of Portuguese for Spanish speakers at the III Encontro Nacional do GELCO, Universidade Nacional de Brasília. October 9-11, 2006.


Courses Taught at the University of Arizona

Undergraduate level

Span 458:        Introduction to Hispanic Sociolinguistics

Span 459:        Topics: Sociolinguistics

Port 452          Introduction to Portuguese Linguistics

Port 425:         Advanced Grammar and Composition

Port 440:         Portuguese Phonetics and Phonology

Port 305:         Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

Graduate level

Span 696-D     Variationist Approaches to US Spanish

Span 696-D     Code-switching

Span 584c:      Methods in Variationist Sociolinguistics

Span 584a:       Introduction to Sociolinguistics in Contact Situations

Span 584b       Language Variation and Change

Span 580:        Topics: Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Span 599:        Language Attitudes

Port 599:         Methods in Portuguese as a Foreign Language

Port 540:         Portuguese Phonetics and Phonology

Port 552:         Introduction to Portuguese Linguistics